Timberware is a custom carpentry shop based out of Ottawa, Canada. We specialize in the specialized. We love creating unique sustainably-sourced wood items that are tailored to you and your home. From dining tables for the family to gather around, to built-in wall units to keep that clutter out of sight, to that perfect bathroom vanity that you couldn't find anywhere else...Timberware is the final stop in your custom furniture search. 

In addition to custom work, you can find some of our unique handcrafted furniture and decor designs available for purchase online and in-store in our Showroom. We only offer a small number of products for online purchase in order to keep quality a high priority in anything we send out. The idea is to rotate what we have available in our store on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often so you don't miss out! Be sure to visit our Showroom as well to see our cabinetry displays, photo gallery and mini-store, selling handmade products from local vendors.

Timberware is owned and operated by Chris Hughes, an Ottawa native and life-long builder and creator. Here's what he had to say about getting started in this industry;

"I’ve been creating things and using my hands to build for as long as I can remember.

As a youngster, I was constantly building with Lego and Lincoln Logs which soon turned into forts and tree houses, then graduated to bigger, better things.

As a teenager, I loved auto mechanics and woodshop in school. I was also an apprentice to a local welder and fabricator; a job where using my creativity and my hands to bring a project to life became an instant passion. 

I took my love for building and creating to the next level when I became a licensed contractor. As a contractor, I built everything from one-of-a-kind cabinetry to full custom homes, and maintained a contracting business until deciding to take the full-time plunge into fine woodworking.

Custom carpentry and furniture building has always been a big interest and passion of mine, but until Timberware began in 2016, was only a hobby that I would get to once in a while.

I started out of necessity - building things for my own home because I didn’t like what was available in stores. I wanted quality, durability and functionality without having to compromise style. I always loved the look of wood and metal together, so that’s what I started with. 

Others seemed to agree with me and I quickly carved out a niche (so punny!) building customized pieces in my style that embraces the warmth and beauty of solid wood and mixes in the strength and sleek lines of steel. 

I live for a challenge and am thrilled when a client comes in with a tough custom project that they haven't been able to get built anywhere else. Coming up with the perfect solution is why I love going in to work every day." 

 - Chris