BBCR - BBCR Blend (Medium/Dark Roast)


Brown Bag Coffee Roaster’s signature blend. This blend showcases the heart of the company. If you want to know what kind of coffee they produce, BBCR Blend is a great place to start. Balanced from start to finish you can expect subtle notes of chocolate covered berries.

Blending Brazil, Colombia & Ethiopia, this coffee brings out brand new flavour combinations where they wouldn’t normally be present in those coffees alone. This way they create something truly unique!

Best enjoyed: Enjoy this coffee in any and all brewing techniques and drink styles.

Specs: As a medium roast, this house blend sits at 19 on the Roast Vision Scale and 76 on the Agtron Gourmet Colour Scale laid out by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).


  • Very well balanced with a smooth finish of chocolates and berries
  • Species: 100% Arabica (Brazil, Colombia & Ethiopia)
  • Process: Multiple
  • Certification: Multiple
  • Roast Level: 76 Agtron Gourmet, 19 Medium
  • Brewing Recommendations: Drip, Immersion, Espresso

well balanced with a smooth finish

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