Blackshire Reclaimed Farm Table


This stunning dining table is the perfect fit for farmhouse or rustic decor! Built from reclaimed boards from a barn threshing floor.

A threshing floor is a smooth, tight fitting wood surface where farmers would separate the grain from the chaff with a flail. A board called a threshold was placed across the barn doors to keep any grain from falling through the gap under the doors. This term is still used in reference to modern doors.

The boards for this table were salvaged from a 120 year old barn and still display all of the character of their history! You can see rough sawn mark and indentations made by tools and farm animals during many years of use. 

Tight fitting seams and breadboard ends give this table strength while maintaining a flat, smooth surface with no gaps between boards. 

The base is constructed from salvaged barn beams using mortise and tenon joinery, with metal braces for added strength and style! 


  • Length: 90”
  • Width: 42”
  • Height: 30"
  • Reclaimed Threshing Floor Boards and Barn Support Beams
  • Matte Black Steel Accents

    Local Pickup or Delivery Only. 



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