Timberware | Jason Hughes
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Jason Hughes

Ever since I was a kid I remember having fun building stuff. I’d follow my dad or brothers around the house and help with different jobs.  I first got involved with woodworking and carpentry in high school where I first learnt a lot of the skills I now have. I was lucky enough to learn all sort of styles, everything from cabinet making to timber framing.  I learned many trade skills, how to use various tools, as well as the importance of attention to detail and precision.  I continued learning and honing my skills for a few years picking up all sorts of woodworking tricks.  After graduating, I spent a summer as part of a crew building a timber frame house, and worked with Chris doing other construction projects.

One thing I have always enjoyed about woodworking is that you can stand back each day and see the fruits of your labour and how hard work pays off.  I am quite detail oriented, some might even say a perfectionist, so woodworking has always been a fun challenge for me; making ideas a reality without sacrificing quality. My attention to detail, desire for quality, and love for creating new and interesting things has always helped me excel with carpentry.

I’ve spent the last five years living abroad, and before returning my hope was to return and get a job in carpentry. Not long after returning, Chris and I were both talking about our desire to build high end wood furniture, and soon after that Timberware was born.  Now, working with Timberware, I get the opportunity to put all my skills into action by creating and building our own designs, and taking on the challenge of making your custom designs a reality. My hope is to provide you with not only quality, but a unique and original, piece of furniture that you will not only love, but brag about.