Timberware | Chris Hughes
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Chris Hughes

I’ve been creating things and using my hands to build for as long as I can remember.

As a youngster, I was constantly building with lego and Lincoln Logs which soon turned into forts and tree houses, then graduated to bigger, better things.

I took my love for building and creating to the next level when I became a licensed contractor. As a contractor, I’ve built everything from one of a kind cabinetry to full custom homes, and still to this day, maintain a contracting business.

Custom carpentry and furniture building has always been a big interest and passion of mine, but until recently, was only a hobby that I would get to once in awhile.

I started out of necessity, building things for my own home because I didn’t like what was available in stores. I wanted quality, durability and functionality without having to compromise style. I always loved the look of wood and metal together, so that’s what I started with.

When my lil bro moved back to Ottawa from New Zealand, the topic came up again. Having experience as a carpenter, he said that he wanted to find work in a local shop. Knowing his skills and that we work well together, I decided to finally give the dream full blown effort, having him to help out.

Once actually deciding to give it a go, everything beautifully fell into place rather quickly. Within a week I had a business licence, the lease to a workshop in my neighborhood and was able to procure all the needed shop equipment from a fellow that was retiring out of the business! Just like that TimberWare Handcrafted Furniture Co. was born. Almost like it was meant to be!